She is blown away by learning!

Maybe I want too much.

Maybe I’m greedy.

Maybe nothing is ever good enough for me.

Whether or not any of those things apply, I have a problem with the way Universal Class is being run. I’m currently in three classes:

My library subscribes to the Universal Class service and so the classes are available under that subscription. If you wanted an unlimited yearly membership and your library isn’t subscribed it’s $189. Classes are mostly taken at your own pace and there are 13 lessons per class. I was able to get through five lessons in one class in one day. So in 15 days I could get through three classes. Two classes a month, 24 classes per year….I could see you getting a lot of knowledge for $189. It’s a good deal, overall, if you’re going to learn something.

The next classes I take – if I take more classes – will be more tangible, like a math class where opinion-based assignment feedback is less necessary. Right now, I’m in classes where it’s all creative writing, opinion, and essays and I’m getting perfect scores and no feedback.

I know, who whines about perfect scores and no feedback, right? But you see where I”m coming from, don’t you? It feels like someone is just phoning it in to get paid, rather than helping a girl learn something. I mean, if I’d paid for these classes I would be angry. That makes me wonder…if I paid for the classes and wasn’t part of a library subscription, would I be getting feedback then? Is it because the instructors know my classes are free?

Or is it just that there is no feedback to give? Is it that good? I mean, I’ve got an ego on me and everything but not even I think I’m going to be perfect with no opinion in three classes. I don’t care that I’m usually a straight-A student anyway even in brick and mortar schools. Maybe that is the point and I’m missing something.

See, I could spend all day speculating and it’s going to do me about zero good. Really, it’s my own fault. I could email any one of the instructors and ask them why I’m not getting feedback, or ask a question, or start a dialogue. I don’t. I have nothing to say, so why should they?

I have started something and I’m going to see it through to the end, because I’m tired of being a quitter. I want to beĀ  a person who sees things through. The problem is, I don’t quit things because I’m lazy, I quit them because they’re crap. Try to tell me that when I’m up feeling awful about myself and my quittin’ ways at 3am, however, and I will explain (in the very best overtired-crazy-logic way) why I am an awful person who quits everything and has no stomach for seeing anything through.

So, basically, these classes don’t bother me unless I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them. Then they become a very real, very big problem in my life.

I can be so silly sometimes.

When I take my next round of classes, I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you’d like to follow Universal Class on Facebook and check out some class intro videos, they’re pretty interesting.