veggiesI could have done it, but it would have meant ignoring my body.

When I give advice to people (I don’t like to, but it happens) the first thing I tell them is to get used to listening to their body. The brain will lie and tell you that you really, really need gyros. You really, really need some soda. The brain is a magical, sometimes cruel thing that will convince you of some horrible stuff.

Your body, on the other hand, doesn’t lie. I mean there’s that whole thing where people say you’ll think¬† your hungry when you’re thirsty, but since food has a bunch of water in it anyway and that whole 8 glasses of water a day is in question, you could just as easily eat some celery and get the benefit of water¬†and food which will make your tummy happy and give you some vitamins. Why deny yourself food when there’s another option?

That’s kind of my overall point. Why throw your body into starvation mode when there is no real reason to do so? I didn’t have crazy bathroom stories before juicing for three days, I didn’t have crazy bathroom stories while juicing for three days and now that I’ve eaten I *still* don’t have crazy bathroom stories.

My conclusion is there wasn’t all that much to be detoxed. Since I eat 80% clean, I can understand why that is. I’m not shocking my system out of some fast food binge diet. I was doing just fine with my food intake. I just wanted to get the nutrients from leafy greens into my diet.

So I’ll juice daily, but it will be all green (maybe I’ll throw a pepper or tomato in there and some lemon juice) in order to make sure I’m getting those lovely leafy veg micronutrients into my system. Because really, I’m just juicing all the stuff we use in soup.

Why deny the family a lovely soup in order to drink just the veggie juice? It doesn’t really make sense to me.

So I have officially failed at juicing. Well, at juice fasting/feasting, anyway. I’m okay with it.

My next post will be on this neat new place I’ve found called Universal Class. I’m taking classes and really loving it so far.

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