Happy-DogOne of the many things that came out of the NWI Food Swap (which you should totally attend next time if you can) is a SCOBY. My friend got one and I didn’t because – and I don’t know how this happened – I didn’t see any of the stuff she had at her booth. I totally missed that section of the booth. Weird, right?

She was super-kind and offered to hook me up with one, but it’s an hour away and I can’t fit it into the schedule. So much bummer.

That left me with only one option: Make my own SCOBY!

I watched a bunch of videos and these two were, by far, the most helpful.

This one is long and detailed and funny.

This one is short, to the point, and more laid back.

I like to let y’all pick your own speed – so you can use either one. Just know it’s going to take five weeks in a dark place, undisturbed. As long as you have that, you’ll be good.

While I haven’t actually done this yet, I have a good feeling about it. I’m good at making hippie-dippie things and this is one of the ultimate hippie-dippie things a person can do.

I’ll post again once I’ve gotten more of the process done. I’m going to try and start the SCOBY tonight. I have everything I need!

Have you ever made kombucha? Got any tips? Also, if you know of any other videos you love on how to make a SCOBY please let me know and I’m happy to add them to this post for future reference.

I can’t wait to get started!