Happy-DogOkay, I know there is a big division between those who believe in correcting grammar and spelling and those who don’t.

Most of the people I know, like, and respect tend to be those that correct grammar and spelling, because they want the ‘net to be a better place. A place where logic and adult communication is filled with integrity and well-thought-out discussions.

The problem I have with people correcting others’ spelling and grammar online is simple. I don’t have friends where we hang out in public and they will interrupt a conversation in the mall to correct someone’s grammar. They won’t turn to me if I use the wrong word and stop the whole conversation to let me know how wrong I was.

But if I make the rare mistake in grammar or spellinng on Facebook, people think it’s okay to publicly correct me. People think it’s okay to publicly correct others.

There is a message button at the top of the screen. If a person really cared to make sure the poster of the mistake knew there was an issue, that could be addressed privately. So, why choose to correct publicly?

Because they want everyone to know they knew the right answer.

So congratulations, you may know the right answer, but you’re coming across on social media as a know-it-all who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings. I’ve called, texted, and messaged people to let them know they made an error if they are the type of person that wants to know or I think they might want to know. It’s private. It’s non-embarassing.

It’s just a little more classy.

That being said, if it’s on a picture or one of those e-cards it’s game on because they aren’t individual statuses and it’s not the poster that’s being corrected. I’ve been known to mock a mistake in grammar for fun, but not in a public way – except one time when someone made a grammatical error while complaining about people making grammatical errors – that was too juicy to pass up.

I got reported as spam and I unfriended them to make sure that never happened again. No harm done and I have no hard feelings about it. But when grammar and spelling become that cray cray on a website like Facebook (I mean, come on, it’s like the dirty, drunk, dropout fraternity of the Internet) it’s a case of someone putting more importance on something than it really needs.

Going to a dive bar and screaming at someone (so all their friends can hear)¬†for not matching their bag with their shoes is just silly. Tell them privately if you think they’ll care that much. They may just thank you for your kindness!