newyearpoppersYou’re thinking that my resolution is weight loss, but you’d be wrong.

I’ve been losing weight for months. Resolutions are for changes…improvements…making things different. Right?

Also, if that’s the case, and most fat women I know (and even normal-weight women) are already trying to lose weight – why is there this “WHOOSH” of rushing women to resolve to lose weight on that magical day where we all resolve to change our lives?

I think that all fat women should resolve to ignore weight loss ads this year. No commercial ever made you richer, prettier, happier, or thinner. They can’t…they’re commercials…two dementional. You can’t expect anything on TV to change your life and therefore you should make sure what you watch is inspiring, not damning to your day or your body.

I’m also going to resolve not to correct people. I hear people throw around “facts” like the one where people say it’s all-important to eat every few hours. It’s not. Well, to be honest it may be for you and your diet that you’ve chosen to follow…but it’s not for me. (By diet, I mean diet like dietary not diet like lose weight.)

People’s diets are as varied as they are. Even people who eat things that are “bad” for them do it in different ways. Let’s resolve to give our bodies the things our bodies love and that make our bodies feel fueled and happy. I know I’m resolving not to apologize for how I’ve chosen to eat. I have also resolved not to put my way of eating on anyone else. If you ask me why I look so good? I’ll tell you briefly. I’m not trying to make anyone eat like I do because I don’t know if it would even work for you. Some people do NOT thrive on my Primal choices, just like I wilted horribly when I went vegan for a month. It was horrible and I’d never do it again, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s a “bad diet” … some people thrive on it.

Let’s resolve to do what’s best for us this year. Individually and as part of a family or friend unit. Compromise when you can, stand up for yourself when it’s important. Choose your battles.

Those are my resolutions for this year.

Weight loss isn’t anywhere on the list. If I stop losing weight doing what I’m doing and making my body happy every day, I’ll know that’s what my body was meant to be.

Happy New Year, everyone! Be good to you! (You deserve it!!)