I’m a day late this week for #Mamavation Monday because I started a new job yesterday and that was pretty much my whole focus for the day. After two and a half weeks of intense training and then a few days of waiting, boy was I ready to just get in there and get some stuff done!

It went really well. The plan is for the husband to start his job next week and then his real next job in January. At that time (January) my income will shift from being bill-paying income to debt snowball income. But that’s for another post, this post is about wellness and all things Mamavation!

I did pretty good this week. Did the exercises I was supposed to do, got some extra walking in, and whenever I started feeling stressed I did fire steps until I felt the burn and it took my mind off of the things freaking me out and centered me.

Ok, here’s my pretty, pretty scale picture and my ugly, ugly toenails for this week!

So it’s not rock star numbers, which I blame on having to take a certification test for the gig and training and waiting to see if I passed the certification and then having to choose my schedule and, and, and…you get the idea. Also, I’m drinking too much coffee and not enough water. Switching to water this week is going to be my primary change. I need more hydration and less caffeine!

Number Breakdown

Starting Weight: 318.4 lbs.
Difference from Last Week: -4.8 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 12.4 lbs.
Percentage of Body Weight Lost to Date: 3.9%

So I’m definitely going in the right direction and I’m staying on track. Last week was a killer but sometimes a bad week can just make you remember why you’re doing what you’re doing and it can bring you closer to understanding.

Because, really, this isn’t about looking hot in a bikini for me. (There’s no shame in that game, if that’s your goal, you GO girl!) But I am trying to have a conversation with my body and get to know what it likes and doesn’t like. I want to treat my body with respect and give it the love and nourishment it deserves. My body has been good to me and we’ve been though a lot together. I want to treat it like a beloved classic car where I spend the time keeping it running and looking good. Sure, it’s still a classic, but it’s my classic and every mile we’ve already gone…I want to have another mile in its place.

We haven’t even hit the halfway mark in this crazy journey and I want to get my body over the finish line kicking and screaming with the joy of a life well-lived.