Welcome to Campaign #14 of Mamavation!

This time it’s a little different than prior campaigns. There are teams, striving to win and supporting one another. Also, everyone is a former graduate of the Mamavation Boot Camp program – which means we’ve all done this before. Some just finished their first Mamavation journey and are getting an extended 16-week program and others of us (like me) haven’t done this in two years and are coming back after hibernation!

I have been participating for the last 8 weeks in Mamavation Mondays with my scale weigh-ins and posts about how my week was going in terms of fitness and food. The pre-graduate campaign was something we did loosely alongside the amazing Campaign #13 Mamavation Moms who just finished their campaign to amazing results!

So you have to be wondering why I’m doing this again.

My campaign back in the day was a little bit dramatic. There were ups and downs, I lost someone I loved very deeply, and it was a tough journey for the girl who is known for being hilarious to be deeply depressed because of grief and it really created a bad situation for me personally where I felt deeply, deeply sad but felt I was supposed to be up and peppy. To be very, very clear no one EVER told me I was supposed to act that way. Leah did not tell me to suck it up and not grieve or anything like that. She was a superstar. I just had a lot going on in my own head where I didn’t know who I was without the person who passed being part of my life.

It’s taken me almost the two years since I was in Mamavation to regroup and find myself again as a person without that family member to use as a mirror to myself. I am secure in being hilarious again and am not insecure that people won’t see any other facets of me other than the funny. I write a lot more now, I like my kids and my husband a lot, and I’m in a more peaceful place.

Also, I’ve found Paleo. I don’t do enough dairy to really be Primal, but I do some dairy so I’m not 100% paleo. I eat clean and my family only eats real food. This has made a big difference in my life.

Now I’ll be using Mamavation for the motivation and kick in the ass I need to be amazing. I’m going to give back to the community and most importantly I’m going to give every ounce of tough love and motivation I can to Ms. Shelley because she’s my teammate! That’s the other thing that drew me to the campaign. I love Shelley and am looking forward to being part of a team.

I have a great, healthy eating thing going on for myself and my family. I have no fear of movement and exercise and actually really enjoy it. I enjoy the group of Mamavation Moms and Sistas and look forward to giving and receiving support and love to everyone.

Getting down to numbers…

Starting Weight: 318.4 lbs.
Difference from Last Week: +2 lbs.
Total Weight Lost: 22 lbs.
Percentage of Body Weight Lost to Date: 6.91%

So, for the start of this campaign I really had hoped to be down 25lbs within the last 8 weeks. It was a pretty big goal and I didn’t quite make it. But I have lost 22lbs. in the last 8 weeks and that’s a good, solid 2.75lbs. a week on average!

I’m not sure why I keep swinging back and forth. I think it has something to do with my body releasing weight, feeling shocked and then holding on to it but I’m not entirely sure. I think I’m going to consider it normal because the weeks I gain weight I’m not doing whiskey shots and binge-eating french fries. I’m just doing what I do.

But for this campaign I’m going to turn up the heat and see just how awesome I can do in the next 8 weeks.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good competition?

6 Comments on #Mamavation Monday – Graduate Campaign Week 1 (Why I’m doing it again!)

  1. I know it’s hard to see the numbers go up and down and your continuing to work hard at losing. I swear our bodies do what they want, and eventually it all evens out!

    I think your doing great getting back into the challenge with Shelley, and I give you both props for working so hard at it.

    Can’t wait to see what the next 8 weeks hold for you! *hugs*

  2. I’m so happy to hear that you’re in a better place – that is awesome. You’re such an amazing woman, it’s so cool to see the changes that you’re going through all over again. You and Shelley are amazing!! Good luck on this campaign!

  3. You are going to do a great job in the challenge. Losing 22lbs. and mastering a paleo/primal diet are HUGE accomplishments. I hope this challenge is ready for you two! You are going to OWN IT!

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