I’ve spent the last few days running in the yard with my kids, barefoot and happy. Last night I got a stomachache after eating a hamburger but don’t know if it was the beef or the organic all-natural ketchup and mustard I had on the hamburger. It might be too much beef in one day.

We’re looking into getting half a cow. I’m excited about it. I’ll know my meat is safe and won’t have to worry about buying anything other than veggies, fruit, and almonds (as staples) for the rest of the year! We’ll probably also have to get half a pig for variety (and because everyone in this family loves pork).

We don’t eat as much meat as it sounds, really.

Oh, in other food news, I’m SO excited! I ate cottage cheese today for the first time in years and it didn’t hurt! I read about primal/paleo helping with tummy issues and I think it may have. Was it a coincidence? We’ll see…because I’m going to wait another week to stabalize on this new way of eating and then try eggs again. Ever since my 7 year old was born I haven’t been able to eat eggs without severe pain. If I can bring eggs back into my diet along with cottage cheese I will beat up anyone who tries to call primal restrictive. (Just kidding, I’ll just silently sneer at them, no actual violence).

Waking up in the morning is getting easier, and I have a little more energy.

There are other things that are going really well, too. (Don’t click unless you’re not squeamish but it is safe for work, LOL)

That’s all for now. I’ll try to check back in tomorrow. I also need to take some before pictures. Oh, I did gain a pound overnight but that could either be normal weight fluctuations or the agave nectar I put in my iced coffee. I used too much, took a few sips, and then dumped it, but who knows. Now that I’ve been reading up on it I’ll see how molasses or maple syrup go over in my coffee. It could be really good.