First, I have to clarify that even though I’m following what I think is advice from The Primal Blueprint, I’m still waiting my turn for the library book to come in before I know for sure. While this will, eventually, become a book I buy so it can sit as a reference/reminder or whatever, for now it is still “that book I’d like to check out.” No offense to the book or the author, of course, but I’m just not someone who dumps money immediately into a lifestyle choice.

If it’s really a lifestyle choice, it will last long enough for me to see the library copy and decide to buy one of my own. Including shipping! *lol*

The last two nights I have been experiencing post-dinner awfulness. I don’t know how, exactly, to describe the feeling. It’s kind of like having a horrible sinus infection – not including my nose or sinuses. Somewhere in the area of brain-fog with a side of achyness. It makes me crabby. So after dinner I try to be quiet and just chill as much as possible.

After dinner – which was cauliflower mashed “potatoes” and cucumber slices and a 1/4lb burger – the girls still wanted more food. By the time they split a banana and had more sliced cucumber they had eaten substantially more than I had. I could not figure out where it all went. They had to be stuffed like turkeys, but I had discussions on hunger vs. wanting food and how it was not good to put too much “gas in the car” if you wanted it to run right. They also had water, so I know they weren’t just thirsty.

Ah well, they can gorge on all the cauliflower and bananas and cucumbers they want. It’s not like they’re huffing down french fries.

I was not hungry after a 6oz. (all meat weights are pre-cooking) burger and my mashed cauliflower and cucumbers. It always makes me feel good to know that if I need a hit of sugar, I can grab a strawberry.

Oh! We also made green smoothies yesterday with kale and peaches and strawberries and dates and agave nectar and almond milk. They were really good but I need to get a blender. The margaritaville was not up to the task of pureeing everything and it was way too thick and crunchy. But the kids drank it and hubby liked it so it was an all-around success. I’m so glad they’re not all, “Eew, it’s green, I refuse!”

Thank goodness.

Today they had eggs and fruit again for breakfast. I make the best scrambled eggs since I scored that GreenPan from Target.

Paleo seems to be an easy transition for everyone except me. I’m only having problems for a half hour after dinner. I wonder if that has anything to do with my hypoglycemia? I’ll have to Google that today and make sure it’s alright. No carbs might just be making my pancreas really, really happy.

I still don’t know what I’m having for breakfast.

I really need a blender, but I’ve been researching and I’m totally confused between the Vitamix, the Blendtec and – I’m not even kidding – the Ninja Kitchen System. I saw videos on making the almond milk and it worked. Of course, I don’t know how the paleo mayo would work in the ninja – can you slow that thing down?

What kind of blender do you have? Also, you can’t make butter in a blender but you can make it in a food processor. So do I need both, or no?

Also, I’m talking with the husband about making YouTube videos. Blogging is great but I’m more entertaining in a video format. Besides even if I fail it would still be helpful for people. Maybe. I don’t know.