It’s food experiment time!!

Time again to fix the diet that is making my husband tired, me fat, and the kids ditzy. Ok, maybe there are some other factors but diet is surely one of them. I have not been happy with the way any of us are eating and if you look at my recent LoseIt! history you will be as amazed as everyone else that I can gain and lose weight almost effortlessly eating the same things.

So it must be the food that’s wrong.

Now, I’m no nutritionist, and the nutritionists I’ve talked to at hospitals and in other settings have always advocated the food pyramid and insisted that I had to eat breakfast. Most important meal of the day even if I’m not hungry and all that.

I hated it.

I’ve also tried the Atkins diet but am so disgusted by the thought of no more vegtables or only certain low carb vegtables … I don’t think it’s sustainable.

Isn’t there some kind of blueprint – I kid you not I used the term blueprint – to tell me what to eat and how much that’s not a cartoon plate?

Then something interesting happened.

I’ve been a fan of coconut oil for a while. Ever since I got a sample from Tropical Traditions and made popcorn I’ve been totally sold on coconut oil as a great cooking oil. Then I ran across this post about using coconut oil called 122 Ways to Use Coconut Oil  and one of them led me over to Mark’s Daily Apple and there they talk about the book The Primal Blueprint and the primal diet. (I got my book from the library)

Where you can have a pork chop and a salad and it’s not only ok, it’s the right thing for your body.

  • I talked to my husband about energy and mental clarity and he was on board.
  • I talked to the girls and they are on board. I was surprised, but really proud of them, they want to try the experiment, too! They did balk a little at “no peanut butter” but even that they overcame quickly and without much drama!
  • I had a conversation with myself and got over that I’d be cooking more eggs (I can’t eat eggs, they make my stomach hurt really bad, so I kind of hate cooking them because I used to love them) and would only be eating cheese or dairy sporadically, I was okay and on board.

So we are doing 30 days of primal to see how it works for us. If it has positive effects, then it’s going to be the way my family eats and will no longer be considered an experiment.

Today I’ve had beef, pork, a big salad, and some strawberries. The girls have had pounds of fruit, scrambled eggs, and salad/pork for lunch. (Since 6am – not at their last sitting! LOL)

Just because of the way my family runs, we do our “dinner” at around 3-4. Nighttime we have a light snacky type meal, not a full on 7pm dinner because no one sleeps well if we do.

Also? It’s ok not to eat breakfast if you’re not hungry. Or you can have a smoothie instead. I like it already.

Day 1 Results

  • I don’t feel deprived or angry or hungry. Nice!
  • The girls feel like they won the food lottery because the three of them got to split a container of blueberries, grapes, and strawberries for breakfast then a couple hours later got scrambled eggs.
  • My husband – well let me ask him – he says, “I feel pretty good. I just chilled my coffee with a little ice instead of milk.”

So far…so good. I’ll keep you posted on how it continues to go.

Note: There are no paid links or affiliate links in this post. One link looks like an affiliate link and I don’t know why. None of the people mentioned in this post know I’m posting. I am not a dietition or expert. Please talk to you doctor before making changes in your family’s diet.

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  1. I love the Atkins diet since it really helped me to lose weight. My body have been very healthy ever since i tried the Atkins diet.

    • Since my goal is to be healthy and to have my body get the nutrients it needs and not losing weight, I’ll stick with Primal and the vegetables and fruits that come with it and stay away from the bad breath and bad habits of Atkins! 🙂

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