Orignally this morning was supposed to just be a half-hour assessment, but last week the professor convinced the class they really wanted to push the last test to this morning as well. So there were two, back-to-back tests I was not looking forward to.

Oh, and then add to that class started at 8am instead of 9am this morning and I was reminded why people say “NEVER take an 8am class!” My brain just was not firing on all cylinders (not even a little bit) and I had coffee and everything. Of course when I walked in the women on either side of me had McDonald’s coffee, which is a notch or seven above my homemade travel-mug of black coffee, but I at least had the knowledge I had a zero-calorie beverage starting my day instead of a milk and sugar laced affair in a fun disposable cup.

Yeah, being in college as an adult is SO living the dream. Coffee and 8am final exams. Makes you want to drop out – oh wait, I tried that a few times and it doesn’t feel awesome – so I took the tests.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting an A in my spanish class. Not just because I did well on the tests, but because I raised my hand, participated, and made a visible effort in class.

I may be too old for 8am final exams, but I’m just old enough to realize it’s not cool or hip to be non-participatory in class. Be noticed, be great, and your grade will follow.

Hopefully those grades added to my current grades will increase my scholarship in the Fall at the new school. I won’t know for a couple weeks.

I’m all registered for fall classes, I’m done with Spring classes, and everything is pretty¬†much done.

Now I am just waiting on John Marshall Law School to find out if I’m invited/accepted to the two week summer law seminar. Here’s hoping!