We had a big ol’ scheduling conflict this morning.

I was supposed to go to a meeting for the Rally to End the War on Drugs this morning but Ran had a board meeting for the Chamber so I needed to bow out until next week’s meeting.

I defaulted to work, because that’s how I do, but do you think that the not for profit should come before the chamber of commerce in the future?

How do you prioritize things when both are important but neither are paid by the hour?

These two meetings won’t clash again because normally my not-for-profit meeting is on Mondays and the CoC meeting is on Tuesdays. This week was just wonky because of the holiday yesterday.

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  1. Either choice would have worked, but basically your meeting was ‘cancelled’ by the reschedule. I would expect there were other people who had to miss the Tuesday meeting too.

    Sometimes the right thing to do is just draw straws. No one is indispensable and no one meeting will change the world.

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