I’m so confused.

I’m in love with THIS dress.

Kiyonna Clothing Rocks.

It’s a cool $98 dollars, but the beautiful jackets I bought a year ago still look brand new and are just as comfortable as the first time I put one on. The clothing fits beautifully and I’m in love with the palazzo pants. I’ve bought all the things I just mentioned. This is not a sponsored post or anything, I’m just trying to decide if this dress would:

a) Look good on me.
b) Be something work-appropriate

I’m just not sure. There’s one that is a super-cute print that I want even more than the purple one, but I’m afraid I’ll look like…totally different than the model. I mean of course I won’t look like a model, but it’s a print that could go horribly wrong. I’d either look funky and adorable and confident – or I’d look like I raided my grandmother’s cabinet.

What do you think? Here’s the other dress:

This one makes the purple look plain, right?

I won’t be buying it this week or anything so you have some time to think it over and let me know. Also, you can email me if you don’t want to leave a comment because you’re afraid to let the Internet know that my three kids gave me a freakin’ tummy the size of … um … big. I don’t have an analogy for it.

Also, I’d be wearing it with flats. Ankle owie will still be around in a couple weeks. Such a shame.

Oh, and if you’re plus-size and have never purchased from Kiyonna…consider doing so. The clothing is SUCH high-quality and I know it’s expensive but really, you are paying for what you get. Except that one time I bought a dress on clearance and when I got it I realized why the model was posed the way she was because I could NOT make the belt work with the dress and hide the weird place where the belt tucked into the dress.

So now? I don’t shop on clearance unless I’m sure it’s something without a belt. LOL

2 Comments on The Kiyonna Wrap Dress

  1. I LOVE the purple dress, and think it would look fabulous on you (especially with your hair color). I think it would be work appropriate with a cami underneath to hide some of the cleavage (then again…my work appropriate perspective comes from working in an old bank in a southern town). I think the pattern is ok, but for me it doesn’t hold a candle to the beautiful purple. Also the yellows in it may clash with your hair color a bit?

    The dress is gorgeous either way…go with what makes you happy!

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