1. Plug Your Ears – It’s kind of like enjoying them when they’re sleeping but they’re awake and you can’t hear them. Not recommended if they are bleeding or hurt.

2. Feed Them – When their mouths are full, they are quiet and adorable. Enjoy the feeling of being blessed enough to have food for them. This works best if your children are hungry and it’s a mealtime. Feeding them at 2 in the afternoon “just because” won’t work as well as enjoying them over breakfast.

3. Whiskey Play With Them – If you just own your parenthood for a little bit and get down on the ground and engage with your children and give yourself permission to just be there with them, they are cuter, smarter, and way more enjoyable. Don’t think about what you have to make for dinner or going to work tomorrow. Just be. That’s how I create those Kodak moments I used to only think existed in high-budget commercials.

Good luck. I’m finding that a pair of pajamas with penguins on them is going a long way toward making my crabby and sick 15-month-old absolutely adorable where before she was just a crabby snotty mess.

Whatever works, right?

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