I thought the ghosts were supposed to come around Christmas. You know, the past, present, and future reminding you to be thankful and give turkey to the poor and infirm.

Last night, I had my very own ghost in my bedroom.

The difference is, this time I didn’t see it. Oh, what, you didn’t know I have a ghost that lives in my backyard that I see every so often? Huh. It’s like my family’s very own urban legend, except other people have seen the man in my backyard. So even if I’m seeing things, at least my crazy is contagious. You’ve been warned.

Last night I was so sick, I mean I got sick sometime during Thanksgiving, and was totally crabby because of it. My poor husband. Ah well, he’s crabby when he’s sick too, so whatever. But he went to Walmart at about 10:30pm to pick up some pink stuff that I chug when I’m particularly ill and I went to bed.

I woke up to powder my nose about once an hour, except for one time, where I woke up and heard footsteps coming down the hall. They went in front of my daughter’s room and then I heard them turn back and come into my bedroom, stopping at the foot of my bed. They weren’t my husband’s footfalls and by the time they’d gotten to the foot of my bed I was in a raw panic. I whipped my head up from the pillow to see….nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

Now, if you’ve walked through my house you know it’s mostly hardwood, tile, and only the bedrooms have carpeting (I have to clean this joint, man, kids and carpet are a gross combo) and I HEARD the footsteps.

It was tres creepy. It was definitely a guy and it was apparently something totally non-existent.

The thing is, I have – feel free to laugh – crosses and holy water above every doorway in this house. I’m superstitious with a capital S my friends. I even throw a little folksy stuff in there like a cinnamon broom above the back door. I’m thorough. As such, in the 8 years we’ve lived here, nothing negative has been in the house. I mean, when you walk in my house you always feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. There’s no bad juju in my house.

Except for these footsteps, which were menacing as all get out.

Who knows. Maybe it was a dream. Except I know I was awake because my sick, sick tummy was rumbling letting me know it was almost nose-powdering time and about five minutes after this I got up and did just that.

I wasn’t asleep.

So, get a straitjacket ready. Either I was having fever hallucinations or something wicked this way comes.

I vote fever.

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  1. God bless ya girl, you need some sleep. I hope you feel better. But, your not alone. We all have those creepy things floating, crawling and sneaking around – we just don’t admit to it

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