Y’all know I set you up so you’d come read the post this week, don’t you?

But I am going to tell you how much I weigh. I’d appreciate it – but of course it’s not required – if you would not focus on the number, whether you feel it’s good or bad. I’d much rather the number just be part of the post, not the focus of the post.

Does that make sense?

Ok, just so we’re all clear and happy and getting along. Really, if you could pretend I didn’t tell you that would really be awesome.

So, yeah, I’ve been working out and eating … less. I don’t know what the magic number is that will make the amount I’m eating “not enough” – Sparkpeople talks about a range between one number and another number. But those numbers are SO high. I’m also not telling how many calories I’ve been eating. So nyah nyah. LOL

It’s actually really ironic that I haven’t been sharing my scale number. It’s because this journey is a personal one. I spent 8 weeks being extraordinarily public about that number and I now weigh myself every morning again just like I did before being taken down to only weekly weigh-ins.

I like daily. I’m able to put it into my Excel spreadsheet and track how my weight fluctuates around “that time of the month” or around a full moon (no joke) and then looking at how much food was consumed and it’s actually creating a very personal pattern that is not anyone else’s weight loss journey, but just my weight loss journey.

Because everyone’s body is different. Everyone’s weight journey is different. Everyone’s final magic number is different.

Your job – your responsibility to YOURSELF as someone who wants to be fit and someone who wants to be healthy is to find YOUR number. To find YOUR pattern. To uncover YOUR barriers to a fit and healthy life. Basically, to figure out if you gain two pounds overnight to be able to look at the prior day and see that you – for example – added a different brand of bread. Maybe take a couple days off from the bread and try it again. If the scale freaks out the next day. VIOLA! You know you shouldn’t eat that brand of bread!!

Just because something is whole grain doesn’t mean it’s the combination of whole grains that works best for YOUR body. Just because something is low calorie doesn’t mean it isn’t high in sugar. Just because it’s low-fat, low-carb, high-fiber, or says healthy on the package – it doesn’t mean it’s something you should eat.

In Rachel’s post last week on what to eat, I have a simple, but impossible, answer. Raise your own meat and grow your own food. Of course none of us can really do that. Well, we could but it’s more than a one-person full time job, which means we’d somehow have to be homeless because nobody in the family works and somehow own land to grow our stuff on. See, impossible.

If you grew your own veggies and raised your own chickens you would find that you were eating the most of whatever crop really took off that season. It might be rutabaga, or squash, or pumpkins, or leeks. Whatever. It depends on the soil and where you live and what your winters are like. You’d learn how to can things and you’d eat pickled everything for winter. You wouldn’t get a whole lot of protein – because if you kill a chicken you’re sacrificing fresh eggs so it’s a balance.

Life doesn’t force us to balance anymore. Food is no longer about having enough and making decisions about food that can result in starvation over the winter. The abundance of food has led to us thinking too much about food which causes confusion about food. People didn’t make fun of fat chicks back then because it meant – and still means in some cultures – that you can AFFORD to eat that much…and that’s a big deal.

So, for those of us that are confused – and this includes me – I’m not coming at you from on high or anything…when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed that you just can’t figure all this out. Maybe step back and take a moment to be thankful you’re in a position where you can afford – not just monetarily – to be confused. Having the time, energy, and means to worry about how to live the longest life we can is a gift.

Cherish it.

p.s. I weigh 302.6lbs. (which is an overall loss of 17.2lbs. and %5.47 since June when I started)

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  1. Thanks Jen! This post came at the perfect time. I have to admit. I did not come to read your number. Actually I was just stopping by and was glad I did.

  2. I love your post. (You probably get that alot… I should buy a thesaurus to change things up a bit) I love your outlook and your commitment! And your post is so fitting… I just changed my whole goal AWAY from the scale and on to living healthy… losing weight is just the side-effect… and one I can live with. HUGS!!!


  3. congrats on the overall weight loss, and I love your attitude! I agree, the scale should not be the overall focus. It can get depressing when it is! getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle is definitely the ending goal!

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