Ok, so I have a little side business I’ve been thinking about.

But…I’m not sure how to start it.

It’s good. Seriously good. I can also think of about a billion ways to market it and get PR for it.

Which is always the tough part for me. Usually I can only think of about a billion ways to market and get PR for someone else’s company.

But, yeah. It’s out there. I can’t find my paper where I write my million-dollar ideas so I’m putting a reminder here.

2 Comments on Yet Another New Business?

    • Kelli, it’s on my “million dollar idea” list. I can’t share publicly because I think I’m actually going to do it. So I’m keeping it close to the vest, but I didn’t have my list handy when I thought of it so I wrote this post as a reminder of what the idea is without stating it. LOL – but if you ever want to know, you have my number. I’d tell you pretty much anything 🙂

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