Over time, I’ll be adding all the old posts back in. Selectively.

I have the whole blog downloaded as a 1300 page PDF file on my hard drive, so nothing is lost forever. I didn’t realize it would be that long, and I have to say there is something so refreshing about starting entirely from scratch. Beyond Mom v. 1.0 was the first WordPress blog I ever started. Oh, no, that’s a lie. It was the second. I was still getting my footing and trying to decide, exactly, what the hell I was blogging about.

My niche changed from marketing to branding to social media to parenting to being a wife to finance to starting a business and there was some mommyblogging in there too.

So even though it’s a new dawn and a new blog and all that, it’s still the same me, doing the same kinds of things, but hopefully I’ll be able to separate them out so you can only read what you want. For my readers who came to me through my finance posts, the finance category will have its very own RSS. So will family stuff and reviews. If you go look you’ll see the review blog is no more. (More on that in a post to come later…)

There will be a fitness section, too, as I continue the journey I’m on to be the fittest, most nutritious version of me I can be. The nice thing about the individual RSS feeds (once I figure out how to do them, of course) is that you can read only the sections you want to read and ditch the rest.

Ok, enough with rocking the placeholder entry. I’ll see you soon. I have to repopulate this bad boy and that means a lot of talking. Maybe some new topics, and hopefully a lot more videos and humor.

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