Regular maintenance is important for the whole family.

Today three of our five family members have doctor appointments, including me!

The scheduling was a horrendous mistake on my part, two kids getting shots at 7am and then me having to be downtown by 9:30am is just not the way you want your Friday morning to start. But hey, I did it and I’m going to power through the best I can.

I’m lucky my kids and I can go to the doctor. So I am thankful today.

For that, for great friends I’ve never met (like Leah) and for great friends I already have in my life and see in person.

But you know what, I’ve spent a lot of time not being an ass. I’ve learned how to be kind, I’ve learned to appreciate other people. So maybe I’m not lucky, maybe I’ve earned amazing friends and the trust of others.

I still have my hood rat ghetto moments, but they’re pretty few and far between. Plus when they do come out it’s usually because ghetto hood rat recognizes the same and wants to come out and play. So as long as you’re not a GHR you will probably never even see that side of my personality.

Which is a good thing, because it’s TOTES unprofessional. *laugh*

Oh yeah, and if I talk to you today, I may sound half out of my mind. The baby didn’t sleep hardly at all last night and was in bed with us most of the night. Keeping me awake. So nice of her to let daddy sleep and save her “love kicks” for MY face. SuchACutieWootieSnuggaWuggaBabyBoo! *barf*