When you get the Economy GoDaddy Hosting you can only put one website on that bad boy.

So if you’re getting your hosting with GoDaddy (I do not know why you would but our client wants everything all in one place, so we’re doing that) and you have more than one site or blog…go for the middle level at least.

If you cannot figure out why you have two domains up and the alias won’t come off of the subdomain, it’s because you have the economy package from godaddy. You have to upgrade to remove the alias.

Mostly I’m writing this because I searched for two hours to figure that out. When you’re given a login and told to set up two sites, well, you set up two sites. Or try. For another two hours. Before you realize there is a problem and then you can’t find any pages with the answer.

Maybe someone else will search and find this page and it will save them time and frustration.

3 Comments on Putting Square Website Pegs into Round GoDaddy Holes (economy hosting eye-opener)

  1. Hi, Jen!

    I’m sorry to read that you struggled with adding multiple domains to your hosting. If you ever have any questions about your Go Daddy account, we have 24/7 support available by phone or email. http://go.me/help

    You are correct that the Economy Hosting plan supports only one domain. The Deluxe and Unlimited plans allow for multiple domains.

    Another link that might be helpful for you is to our Community pages: http://go.me/5c

    We have tons of experts just waiting to help you out!

    GoDaddy.COM Social Media Team

    • Had I been the hosting purchaser, it probably would not have happened. But I was handed an unfamiliar system and told it could do something which, it turns out, it could not. Hosting is being upgraded by the client today. It was rough going through all those pages and the blog when it was a simple answer. LOL Thank you for your comment!

  2. You know I’m all for having things all in one place – what they should have done is switched even their domain registration away from GoDaddy aka “We like to screw ya when you are least expecting it”

    UGh how frustrating!!!!

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