Over on Budgets Are Sexy, J. Money has a life list.

It’s different than a bucket list, because I’m never going to die. That’s right. I’m a vampire. Or something. Honestly, I don’t know how it’s different but this is just a list of a few super-fun things I’ve always wanted to do but are now on my fun goals list.

  1. Hop the next train. While J. might think planes are the way to go, I’m a romantic and taking the next train to wherever it’s going has always been a dream of mine. Maybe I watch too many movies. I’d also like to be wearing a flowing scarf and a “traveling suit” with a pair of pumps straight out of the 1940’s when I do this. I do not care if I look silly.
  2. Rent the Vizcaya for a party. This is the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen, with a backyard that looks out onto the water and another backyard used often for magazine shoots because of the garden’s amazing quality. It’s open air and the breeze and the light and … well it’s just magnificent.
  3. Live in a hotel. More specifically, a large suite in a hotel. I’m not sure if I’d prefer Chicago or New York. I might alternate based on the year and my mood. If my children live in some weird city like Fairbanks, Alaska then I’d rotate that in as well. I mean, come on, your laundry is taken care of, your food is a phone call away, you never have to make the bed, and you can make one phone call and someone else will make reservations or plan your whole evening with transportation for you. This would be, honestly, my #1 most desired retirement plan. I’ve never been attached to stuff, and so it would not pain me to not have nick-knacks around. When I am old I truly hope to be agile enough that home-base is nothing more than a place to sleep before you begin enjoying the next day.
  4. Give lavishly and openly to charity. I want to be on boards, I want to be called a philanthropist in print, I want to be known for being an amazing person. Then I want to start a not-for-profit like Modest Needs to help people who just need a little nudge and match all donations and get corporations and other outlets to match other donations. Or maybe just work for Modest Needs if they decided they wanted a blogging, social media, or internet marketing presence greater than they currently have. It’s a great concept and one that made me cry with happiness the first time I heard about it.
  5. Be Immortal. This is sort of like number 4 but not. If you live anywhere near Chicago you’ve heard of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. I want to have a Foundation large enough that every child watching Sesame Street when I’m long gone hears my name on the public radio channel or hears my name while listening to public radio. I want to be immortal through philanthropy.
  6. Do something cool enough that the family is FOREVER branded by it. You know, they’ll talk about great-great-great-great grandmother Jen who ___________ and that’s what makes our family amazing. It’s in the blood to be great. Blah blah blah.
  7. Order random stuff that’s not on the menu. Just because.
  8. Send My Kids to Summer Camp. For like two weeks. Just gone. At camp. See you later, alligator. I always wanted to go to camp and never could. The reason it’s kind of a big deal is because I’d have to let them go that long without having a panic attack that they’re being attacked or violated by random woodland creatures without me around to protect and guide them.
  9. Be Invited to an A-List Party. I don’t care if it’s bloggers, journalists, PR people, or…whomever. I want to be specifically invited with a paper invitation to an event that is both terribly exclusive and horribly fun. Preferably with people I’d want to party with, of course!
  10. Speak at TED about why TED is ludicrous and elitist. Ok, I’m kidding, I’d just love to speak at a conference. I’m not niched so I wouldn’t even know how to begin deciding what to speak on, which is step one to becoming a real speaker. I’d like to be a part of the National Speakers Association as well.
  11. Find the right person and tell them my solution to the whole immigration debacle in America. using already-in-place laws and streamlining processes I think we could fast-track a whole buncha people and weed out the small percentage that are the people everyone holds up as “normal.” This probably requires being or becoming besties with at least one politician. (This is purposefully vague. I’m not anti-human and I’m not anti-immigration. Hell, I’m not anti-mostanything. I do think that undocumented workers cause problems when they are taken advantage of by establishments knowingly exacerbating the problem and then blaming it on the workers. Which is kind of some serious bullcrap.)
  12. Join MENSA. So I can be elitist. Then maybe I can speak at TED. About immigration solutions. *grin*

That’s all I can think of right now. I’ve done or am doing or about to do almost everything I’ve ever wanted. Of course, I haven’t had hugely high standards for getting things done that were amazing. I’ve seen a movie alone, I’ve been picked up by a handsome man at a upscale hotel bar while drinking a martini…all the cool stuff is in my memory banks, not my life list.

What is YOUR life list? Or your life list for right now!

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  1. Love that “Order random stuff not on the menue” one. I always wanted to go to the Blackhawk restaurant (IN downtown Chicago)with 50 or so of my nearest and dearest to order bowls of popcorn. Now that they are no longer in business, I will have to create another venue for my unorthodox behavior…..Stouffers? I’m open for sugjestions 🙂

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