Either that or just a hundred more pairs of regular socks.

Socks seem to be the most difficult thing to keep track of in this house. They get put in laundry baskets and then moved around until you can find five single socks of five different types but there isn’t a pair to be seen.

Plus, even when I do have socks in pairs they’re in my drawer in my bedroom. The same bedroom the baby takes a nap in. So, when I put her down for a nap, if I don’t remember to grab socks on my way back out of the bedroom…I can’t workout. I’m not a big fan of barefoot workouts, or I’d just pop in a bellydancing workout.

I got a great recommendation the other day from my bellydance instructor for what DVDs to get on Amazon so I can do more bellydancing at home. Once a week just isn’t enough for me! (Yes, these are amazon affiliate links coming up, if I’m going to link them anyway, why wouldn’t they be? LOL)


So I’m thinking I’m going to pick those up soon and add them to the rotation. I still need to get through more than just the Core Rhythms Quick Workout, but I’m afraid to do the full workout until I can get through the five minute one!

Do you have any interesting ways of keeping track of your socks so you don’t end up barefoot and not-worked-out when you want to be? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

5 Comments on I Need Workout Socks

  1. I just roll them up and put them in my drawer. Sometimes some loose socks make it into the mix. Good luck belly dancing – I am too stiff for that!

    • Have you tried yoga? It’s supposed to improve flexibility a lot. I’m not into anything that makes me get on the floor. Yes, bodies are made for moving. But there is only ONE thing my body was designed to do on its back. Sometimes. LOL

  2. I saw on some TV show where the husband numbered his socks on the inside with a permanent marker so they were easier to match up. Even if they were the same kind, each sock pair had a different number

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