The books for my classes are going to be available on Monday.

Yes, next Monday!

I can’t tell you how excited I am. But not excited in a “heart level shoots to the moon” way. It’s more of a feeling like you see in movies with the people relaxing the night before they leave for some kind of quest. That anticipatory hum accompanied by an unnatural calm. Like my destiny is sitting around the corner and I’m on a timetable to find it but won’t be able to see it a moment sooner than I’m supposed to.

It’s interesting, because a sense of inevitability lies at the bottom of the destiny ocean. I mean, destiny means you can’t escape it. So maybe destiny is the wrong word. I just know that this is the right thing at the right time. The fitness regime is the right thing at the right time too. I don’t know why, I just know.

So here I am, at the gates of predetermination or fate or what-have-you and I have nothing I can do today but take care of myself the ways I know are important:

  1. Physically. Keep my nutrition sound, get my fitness in.
  2. Emotionally. Keep my emotions in check, don’t talk to people that don’t understand my goals.
  3. Also, making sure my kids get physical with me today and do a workout and making sure they, and my husband, feel taken care of.

These are my responsibilities, my jobs, and for now, they are enough.

Ok, they totally aren’t, but they are in the sense that they are temporary and I have to learn these small habits before building on them with S in Kindergarten, A in five-day-a-week preschool, D still teething and extra-curricular activities and the hubby getting more and more clients and we’re going to have to hire someone soon and I’m probably going to be part of that process, and the other stuff life throws in. You know, just for fun. LOL

But all that aside, I can’t wait to start. It feels like I’m picking up where I left off after a very, very long haitus.